Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween!

We took a really laid-back approach to Halloween this year. As in, we didn't actually decide to do anything Halloween-y until lunch time, at which point I just decided Caleb could grab a costume from our closet and Nathan could wear a cape if he even wanted to dress up at all.

Right after school, we went to Lone Pine for their Halloween festivities. The boys ran around in the garden for the first little while to stay in the shade and cool down a bit.

Nathan carved a styrofoam pumpkin. Caleb said he wanted to do one, too, but ended up running off to the jumping castle so I'll see if I can find one for cheap in the next couple days. I'll post their finished jack-o-lanterns up if we ever end up doing Caleb's.

After they finished playing, the sun was starting to set so we headed out for a bit of trick-or-treating.

Caleb finally "got it" this year. He ran up and down the driveways yelling "trick or treat", then "Thank you! Happy Halloween!" after he got his candy. It was cute. And when he tripped and dumped his bucket of candy, Nathan helped him pick them up without stealing any. Not that it's his nature to, but still. I love my boys.

Monday, October 27, 2014

Remember to Smile

A little while ago, Caleb caught me scribbling notes to myself on my hand as we rushed out the door to pick Nathan up from school. He asked me why I was writing on my hand, so I told him I needed to remind myself to do some things.

He asked me to write something on his hand, too, for him to remember. So I drew a happy face on his hand and told him it will remind him to be happy.

Now, ever so often, I'll find Caleb with a marker in one hand and a handful of happy faces in the other.

He says it's to remind him to be happy :)

This one is the happiest because it has two dimples.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

The Art of the Lion King

When I learned that The Lion King was coming to Brisbane, I was beyond excited. And then I found out that Brisbane was lucky enough to have an accompanying exhibition, The Art of the Lion King, where we could get a behind the scenes look at the making of The Lion King.

It was recommended that we go see the exhibition before seeing the actual show so I scheduled it into our jam-packed day at South Bank, after the Instameet. The exhibition itself was a lot smaller than I expected (and hoped) for it to be, but it still immerses you into the world of this beautiful stage production.

The boys and I walked through, stopping to read the panels, and pausing to admire the costume sketches and set designs. There were a few original costumes on display and they were absolutely gorgeous to see up close.

For me, the best part of the exhibition was the documentaries. The boys sat quietly and watched but eventually, Caleb climbed into my lap and fell asleep. Nathan and I enjoyed the rest of the documentaries in that air conditioned room after a long morning of walking.

The first was Pride of The Lion King and it showed how the original animated film came together. We heard from the animators, voice actors and the composers and musicians behind the beautiful soundtrack.

The second documentary was Behind the Scenes, a half-hour look at how they took that Disney movie and turned it into the gorgeous theatre production that it is. Seeing the amount of work that went into developing the musical, creating the costumes and building the sets just blew me away. All these creative geniuses just poured their hearts into their work.

This exhibit was so inspiring because we got to see the process - how this amazing thing came together, bit by bit, piece by piece, with some creative genius and a lot of hard work. That was the most exciting part.

So despite not being inspired at the Instameet, I sure hope the boys, especially Nathan, got a little bit out of the documentaries and it broadens his dreams for his own future career.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Instameet at QAGOMA

The Instameet wasn't quite as inspiring as I had hoped for it to be. I had envisioned that our host, Zach Glassman, would say a word or two about his career as a travel photographer that would inspire Nathan to broaden his vision for his future career... but he didn't.

We literally just moved through the GOMA and Queensland Art Gallery as a big group, but by ourselves. Despite the initial disappointment, it was nice for the boys and I to wander around the GOMA again. It's been so long since our last visit, and we scored a trip to the restricted rooftop terrace so that was cool.

The boys looked down and spotted the gravel hill they built just moments before, while waiting for the Instameet to get started.

We broke off from the large group and wandered over to the kids section which is always so much fun. The current exhibit is all about patterns. Our favourite part was this colourful hall - it was like walking into a kaleidoscope. And the coolest part was the screens scattered throughout the hall that had a camera above them to record images of whatever was in front of it. It would take the image and make it part of a moving pattern!

We became part of the art and that was so exciting.

Afterwards, we wandered over to the art gallery and saw a few really interesting instalments. The columns made of magnetic tape were my favourite.

The boys were mesmerized by this piece:

But after a while, the boys and I started wandering aimlessly, wondering if anything else interesting was going to happen with the Instameet. Eventually, we got too bored and hungry so we just left. The real fun happened after lunch, when we went to see the Lion King Exhibition (more on that soon) and play in the water park.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Let's Bounce

Nathan's been invited to a few birthday parties at indoor trampoline parks lately, but he moves around so quickly it's been hard to capture a good picture of him.

The last party we went to, one of the older boys was unable to jump so Caleb was invited to take his place! After three times of having to sit on the sidelines watching the big boys jump, it was finally his turn to have a go.

Oh, the way he listened intently to the rules and scrambled to pull his second sock on when the group got up to go onto the trampoline made my heart ache. He was so excited, so anxious, so small but so ready. Is it normal to feel so many emotions about my little guy getting to jump on trampolines?

Caleb had a great time just bouncing up and down on that one trampoline by himself. The group guide taught him to bounce side to side and how to land on his bum.

Eventually, he made his way towards Nathan and I finally got a good picture of Nathan in midair.

When they moved on to dodgeball, it was so nice to see Nathan, being the trampolining dodgeball veteran that he is now, give his little brother pointers. Caleb managed to be the last boy standing on his team, mostly because I don't think the big boys saw him as a threat but he did well!

I'm so grateful that despite their age difference, the boys can enjoy things like this together.


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