Monday, April 18, 2011

Australia - What I've Learned (Part 3)

This will be an on-going series documenting things I discover while in this country. Interesting facts, cultural differences, little quirks. It's all here.

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Before moving to Australia, people warned me that the bugs are bigger here.

I've always had a bug phobia and I knew I had to find some way to deal with it if I was going to last four years in Australia. Over the summer, I tried to calmly co-exist with the bugs around me. I wouldn't let them frighten me. Bugs were created for a reason. They are just doing their own things. They are not out to get me.

Swat away an earwig here, flick away an ant there, bat away a hornet or two. I soon became accustomed to encountering creepy crawlies, and I was okay with them being in my space.

Then, we got here.

And we saw a whole new breed of bugs. Ones of the extra-large variety.

Exhibit A: The mammoth-sized spider.

This spider resembles the wooly mammoth both in appearance and size. This is also the reason we chose not to do a house inspection of one of the rental properties. This spider was way too close to it. Oh, and this super steep hill that we almost destroyed our car on.

Exhibit B: The branch-bug.

No, no, ladies and gentleman, this is no ordinary stick bug. No, this just happens to be a branch that blew off a nearby tree one evening and overnight, it sprouted legs and attached itself to a wall.

Exhibit C: The giant grasshopper.

I saw this pony-sized grasshopper on my way to picking up the mail. Andrew couldn't see why I was squealing and veering to the left as I turned the corner up the walkway. I don't understand why - this grasshopper is so big, you'd have to be blind to miss it. If my boys ever ask me for a pony, I'll know exactly where to find one. This bad boy's so big, you could probably ride it.

There have been other bugs I've seen around, like cockroaches and beetles. I would have photographed them but Andrew's hand hasn't been around to compare them against and I like to keep things consistent.

* * * * * * * * * *

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