Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Gold Coast

Over the Easter holidays, our friends were kind enough to take us to the Gold Coast for the day.

After packing everything we could possibly need, we piled into our cars and started our drive towards the beach. Not 10 minutes into the drive, we realized that we might need to fill up on gas. Does anyone else find it a little unbelievable that gas prices are sitting at $1.45/L and not budging?

Anyway, after we filled up, we were ready to head to the beach.

Our drive up was surprisingly smooth. Caleb was completely content until about half way, then he cried for about 10 minutes but managed to calm himself down for the rest of the ride. I was so incredibly proud (and relieved). Little guy has come a long way since we first arrived in Brisbane.

We took a quick break once we reached Southport. The bigger boys played a bit of frisbee while Caleb ate and Nathan ran up and down the little hills. Once we had enough of a stretch, we continued our journey towards the sand and grabbed a quick fish and chips lunch. We laid out a couple blankets and had a nice picnic on the grass. The weather was so beautiful. Super sunny but not too hot with a gentle breeze.

Then, we were ready for the beach.

With all our gear, we headed towards the water. Once we hit the sand, it got really windy. But that didn't stop Nathan. Oh no, just like when we brought him to Cocoa Beach a year ago, Nathan grabbed his toys, took off towards the sand, found a suitable spot while our friends continued walking to find a spot closer to the water, dumped out all his toys and proceeded to dig in the sand like he was looking for buried treasure.

I convinced him that we should keep moving along, quickly scooped up his toys and we continued on. Nathan was so full of energy, he couldn't walk. Everywhere he went on the beach, he took off like a little bullet.

Moments later, we were settled in our little spot on the beach that stretched on forever on either side of us. The crashing waves and strong winds were so loud it drowned out all the noise around me and for a moment, I was lost in my own head, savouring my time on the beach.

Basking in the mid-afternoon sun, Nathan played in the sand. Caleb got his little toes all covered in sand. Then, Andrew and the other guys convinced Nathan to try boogie boarding.

A little while later, we started our drive home so we could meet up with a couple of my friends from high school who just happened to be in town visiting another friend.


  1. Wow, that sounds so lovely :) Hope you can fit a lot more visits before the weather begins to cool! How cold does it get in Australia?

  2. It's supposed to get cooler - like autumn in Toronto? I'll tell you when I experience it :)



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