Sunday, April 24, 2011


How do you convince your boys to spend a day in an art gallery with you?

Promise them lots of fun things to do. Boy things. Hands on things.

Like huge metal slides.

And lots and lots of Lego.

And a wall full of wishes. (Okay, fine, this one was for me.)

And food.

And a cool swimming pool exhibit.

When I first read about the 21st Century exhibit at the GoMA, I was intrigued. I really wanted to check out the wall of wishes - it's a wall full of wishes printed on colourful ribbons. Colourful ribbons was all they needed to have me hooked. But I needed to find something for the boys. And then I saw they had Lego. Nathan loves Lego! And the underwater exhibit. I knew I had to check it out before it ended.

And now that I've been, I'm so glad we had the time to spend a day there. I loved just walking around the gallery, sometimes alone. I loved that Nathan and Andrew got to spend some time together creating their own art at the Lego exhibit. And I love that there's so much more of the gallery with so many more interactive exhibits that we haven't seen yet. I'm excited to go back. And I love that it's all free.

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