Thursday, April 28, 2011

We Do!

I've always been a bit of a closet fan of everything royal. It's a bit of an on-again-off-again relationship. I'm not interested enough to keep running tabs of who's who and who's doing what, but I do enjoy reading about royalty ever so often. There's so much history and culture, oh and mystery. Everyone loves a bit of mystery.

Anyway, all this talk about Prince William and Kate's wedding has me intrigued by royalty again so to celebrate along with Will and Kate, I thought it might be fun to look back on my own wedding.

I mean, it has been almost 3 years since Andrew and I got married. Three years. Plenty of time to get over the little details that didn't go according to plan right?

So let's journey back to August 2, 2008 and take a look at some of the details, shall we?

Guest lists

Who invites everyone their family has known since they were born? We do!

I love that so many people could come and share in our wedding day with us.
The problem with having a large wedding with 350-odd guests is that chances are, you won't know at least half the people attending, if not more. And if you don't know someone, chances are, someone else will want you to meet them. While I would have loved to spend more personal time with my guests, I didn't envision spending so much time meeting and greeting individuals.

If I had the chance to do it again, I think I'd limit the guest list and have a smaller, more intimate affair. That, or have a separate venue to meet these people before/after the wedding.


Who wishes they had a bigger and better vision? We do!

It's not that our pictures are absolutely atrocious. No, actually our pictures turned out pretty well. But it could have been so much more if I hadn't spent all my time admiring other people's wedding photos than planning out my own. Let's just leave it at that.


Who gives the bridal party's flowers to the ushers? We do!

I had carefully chosen my flowers to be a combination of orchids and roses. For the guys, I'd have orchids for the bridal party and roses for the ushers. Somehow, that got lost in the mix and Andrew ended up with a single rose in his boutonniere and my ushers ended up with the orchids. I went a little bridezilla (silently) after realizing this mix-up but no one else noticed.

Ahh well, whatever. It's not like Andrew ended up with a sprig of fern or something.

The First Dance

Who dances themselves into the corner of the dance floor? We do!

There was no way I was going to high school dance, shuffle side to side in circles for a full 3:33 minutes with 300+ pairs of eyes watching us, so Andrew and I took dance lessons. At least it would give our guests a little bit of entertainment. And entertain we did. We rumba-ed up and down the long dance floor, past each of our guests so they would each get a nice glimpse. Don't you hate when you're stuck in a corner and you can't even see the couple, never mind when they actually start doing something and guests flock up to the floor to get a good picture. Well, we made sure to make our way up and down the long, long dance floor. Then, we danced ourselves into a corner.

It wasn't meant to be that way. Our dance instructor obviously had a lot of faith in our skill despite only having 3-4 lessons. Or maybe she had a grand vision and expected us to step up to the plate. Either way, our faux departure and grand return to the middle of the floor didn't play out as it was supposed to. I don't think our guests really noticed, well, maybe except for the couple who ballroom-danced the night away afterwards. They might have noticed.


Who has cake left over, enough for a year's worth of celebrations? We do!

Not only did we have cake left over, we literally had enough cake to pull a little out of the freezer for just about every birthday/anniversary/other celebration our family had for the entire year afterwards.

On top of that, my cake was not made by the person who had promised to make it, and not designed according to my specific, yet simple instructions that did not include misplaced ribbons and floral toppers. And of course, we all know bad things come in threes, right? Right. Well, apparently, whoever is in charge of enforcing this rule couldn't think of anything else to do so my cake was dropped, leaving a notable dent in the side.


Who leaves preparing the wedding speech to the very. last. possible. second?

... {crickets}

Let's not talk about it.

Come back tomorrow when I'll have put away my negativity hat, take a look at the bigger picture and tell you all about the things I absolutely loved about my wedding, aside from the part where I married Andrew. That part's a given.

I'm linking up with Three Lil Princesses for the Royal Wedding Meme. Come join the fun.


  1. i agree.. let's not talk about it :P

  2. Oh, Bernice. These photos are gorgeous. And I love the way you've written this. I've had a little chuckle to myself reading it!
    Your dress was just divine. You looked stunning. Can't wait to read part 2!
    Thanks for linking up with the Royal Wedding Meme! :)
    PS. And for taking part in last night's chat. Was so much fun!

  3. You looked absolutely stunning Bernice! I love the shot of you dancing. I love the way you have written this separated into the different aspects. Your poor cake! Was so nice to "meet" you last night during last nights chat :)

  4. Bernice!!! you looked amazing! Thank you for sharing your beautiful day! I loved Kate and Will's wedding brought so many memories of why weddings are so special.

  5. love the way you told the story! a wedding wouldn't be a wedding without at least a hiccup or two :) tatum xx



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