Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Today, I...

Washed the dishes after packing Nathan's lunch and making his breakfast

Got the boys ready for school

Drove Nathan to school where I held Caleb and chatted with some mums while Nathan played in the playground before school

Drove home with Caleb

Put Caleb in the carrier and set out for our 2km walk to and from the fabric shop we discovered over the weekend (when we did our first 2+km walk with the rest of the family). About 5 steps from our place, I discovered that one of Caleb's socks had fallen off so I had to retrace my steps to find it.

Had lunch while Caleb played on the ground after his 10 minute nap

Played with Caleb then tried to put him down for his second nap ... an hour later he was just about to fall asleep then it was time to go pick up Nathan

Drove to Nathan's school with a drowsy Caleb, sat and chatted with the mums for an hour after school ended

Drove home, started the laundry and got ready for dinner shortly after

Had dinner, holding Caleb (he just wants to be part of the family) while eating

Did the dishes, started a load of laundry, got Nathan in the shower while starting the second load of laundry, started a game of Monopoly with Nathan and got the boys to bed before Andrew got home from playing Parentopoly

I am pooped.

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