Sunday, June 26, 2011

Weekend Furniture Haul and Prayer Request

When moving to Australia, we figured we'd bring as little as we could and live on the bare minimum. I realize some people are able to do that, but to me that's not really living. It's surviving and we're only meant to be in survival mode for a little while before it starts getting taxing.

So this past weekend, we went to IKEA and other home furnishing stores to buy a few more pieces of furniture to help make our place feel a little more like home.

When we got home, we spent a long time cleaning our balcony and putting some of the furniture together.

Now, we have a place to sit on our balcony! I'm so excited about this because one of the reasons I don't spend more time on the balcony is that I get so tired from standing and holding Caleb all the time. With a bench for us to rest on, we'll definitely be getting more fresh air.

It would have probably looked much better had we taken this during the day, but I couldn't wait. I love the pillows we found. They're so pouffy and bright! And only $13 each!

And ever since we arrived, we wanted a table for Nathan. We had a hard time finding one we liked and the only solid one at IKEA was a little more than we wanted to spend. Until this weekend. It had been put on clearance for half price so we snatched it up along with a few chairs for when Nathan has friends over.

Caleb wanted in on the action.

And the last piece we have for now is this chair for Nathan. We wanted to get the adult-sized one but couldn't justify the price. But this little chair was reasonable enough and since Nathan's reading a lot more now, we thought it would be nice for him to have a spot to sit.

He's absolutely in love with this chair. He's so lucky I can't fit into it, or we'd be fighting over it all the time.

* * * * * * * * * *

Please pray for the pastor of our new church and his family.

Pastor Ben's wife, Faith, had an emergency c-section yesterday and delivered their baby girl at 31 weeks. Baby Abigail has hydrops fetalis and is listed in critical condition with a very uncertain prognosis.

So you can pray more effectively, here are Pastor Ben's updates:

Update #1
Update #2
Update #3


  1. AHH! Caleb is quite the character and Nathan is such an old man!
    I need to make this Yee Yee time happen SOON!

    As for Pastor Ben, Faith, Stacy, Maia & baby Abigail, Let them know that there are people on the other side of the planet (the"up-over" as opposed to the downunder...) praying for their little family!!

    I was going to facebook message/comment on the note, but then they'd probably think i'm crazy... (:

  2. Glad to know that you are slowly settling in. *hugs*



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