Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Come Back Soon

A few short hours ago, Andrew drove my mom to the airport. A few minutes before that, Nathan snuck out of his room to say goodbye to her one last time. And in 45 minutes, she'll be boarding a plane to Hong Kong.

Ever since we got married, Andrew and I have only ever had a few overnight guests. It wasn't until our parents arrived that we had to entertain visitors for more than two days. Before my mom's arrival, I had envisioned going out and doing something different with her every single day.

After about a week and a half of showing her around the city and doing touristy things, we all settled into a rhythm. Thank goodness, because after our trip down to Sydney, my body was extremely exhausted and my legs were aching from walking all day with the added weight of Caleb sitting in the carrier.

We all got really used to having my mom around. She became part of our routine. She was a huge help with the boys, watching over Caleb as he started to side-step along the couch and doing Nathan's bedtime things every night. She got up every morning and made breakfast for us, when Andrew and I were so exhausted from staying up with a super-congested, super-cranky teething baby and cooked dinner most nights. She came to drop off and pick Nathan up most days, and others she would spend the day exploring the city by herself.

It's hard to believe her three-and-a-half weeks here have come and gone. It already feels a little quieter and emptier without her here. But we're glad she visited and hope she had a good time here.



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