Friday, September 30, 2011

Five For Friday

Just thinking out loud at my computer because I am currently unable to walk away from it. See thought No. 5.

1. I'm glad I got a chance to get out of the house with the boys today. It was the perfect weather outside for the church BBQ and Nathan scored some "new" toys at the garage sale. All proceeds are going to the East Africa Food Crisis and with everything priced at 50 cents a piece, I let him choose a few. Win-win situation.

2. We finally settled into a nice school holiday morning routine that allows me to eat a proper breakfast. I'm back to eating yogurt again because I've finally summoned enough courage to choose a cereal to try out, to eat with it. And I'm on enough of a roll to add some fresh strawberries to it, too! Let's hope this carries on when school starts up again next week.

3. Caleb's fourth tooth is coming out and he's trying to stand by himself!

Sorry for the editing, I'm just trying to focus your attention on Caleb's achievement and not on my five chins.

4. We had our friends over yesterday to bake for the church BBQ, then we invited them to stay for quesadillas. Those are my new favourite easy "healthy" dinners. I'd say it's "our" favourite, except Nathan was head over heels for Andrew's salmon he made for dinner tonight!

5. After much heel-dragging, I've finally started exercising again. And by again, I mean one of those sporadic, once-in-a-blue-moon sessions. I'm hoping to make it a regular thing so I chose something I can do at home when the boys are sleeping. Trying to get rid of all excuses here!

So yay me, I've survived the first session of the 30-day Shred! I honestly didn't think I would survive the session but I did and I feel good - minus the slight wobbly feeling in all my muscles. Or is that my fat... shaking in fear! I might keep documenting this for motivation.

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  1. Sounds good overall - the working out, the quesadillas, the fun church activities and breakfast, too!



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