Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Nathan at 5 Years, 5 Months

Almost five and a half!

Some of the things this boy does makes me forget he's only 5. He has grown up so much from when we first arrived here in Australia. I thought I might share just a few things about Nathan right now.

1. Nathan's a fantastic brother to Caleb and they adore each other. He's gotten quite good at carrying Caleb and when Andrew and I are busy cooking, Nathan will set out all his mats and pull out Caleb's toys and keep him entertained.

2. Nathan set a passcode on his iPod Touch a while ago. I made him tell Andrew the code just in case he forgot and got himself locked out. It's probably been 4 or 5 months now and Nathan still hasn't forgotten his code. He also always puts it away when he's done using it, or plugs it in to charge. Talk about being responsible!

3. Nathan can eat as much as Andrew. No joke! He has polished off an entire foot-long sub, 7 slices of pizza and rice with an entire order of meat/veggies by himself. Three separate occasions of course. And then just the other night, he polished off two full quesadillas. I had one and I was stuffed. I think he ate more than Andrew that night too.

4. Nathan always wants to help out around the house. He volunteers to wash the dishes by himself, he wants to hang the laundry with me, and he keeps his room neat and tidy.

5. Nathan has a great memory for names and he's quite the social butterfly. Back when he was just starting at his new school, I was walking him to his classroom and he said hi to some guy named Greg. I asked who Greg was, thinking he was a teacher he sees regularly. Turns out, he's the guy who does maintenance around the school!


  1. great pictures and memory keeping!

  2. They are tooooo cute! Nathan is at the right age for his personality to really start to shine through- its great that you're keeping track as it goes by so fast!

  3. I love this post! Nathan is so adorable and such a great brother! Miss you guys!

  4. He really is so special!!
    Thank you, love-child, for bringing everyone so much light! :)



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