Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Superhero Themed Gifts

Nathan's friend from school is having a superhero-themed dress-up birthday party this weekend.

I find it so difficult to choose appropriate birthday gifts these days. Though we'll probably pick up a toy for him, I thought I'd make part of the gift as well.

First up, the card.

Here's the front of the card, going for a simple boyish look:

And adding a little more colour on the inside:

Next, is the t-shirt.

I needed a simple design so I drew inspiration from some old school comics. You can probably guess how I ended up choosing those colours, too.

This t-shirt took way more effort than I had planned but I'm glad it turned out alright. Hope he likes it!


  1. LOVE the card! So simple and cute!
    And an adorable t-shirt to go with :)

  2. Nicely done, and that T-shirt looks fantastic! The hard work paid off :)



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