Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Thanksgiving in Australia

After Skyping with my family and seeing them all at our annual Thanksgiving feast, I got a little hungry and seriously wanted some ham.

I began to hatch a plan with one of our Canadian friends to have a mini Thanksgiving feast of our own. Only problem was that turkeys are very hard to come by here. They mostly sell turkey legs and the one whole turkey my friend found, it was $70 for a 5kg bird. Also, the only time I've seen pumpkin puree, it was $14.95 for the small can. Yikes!

So we scrapped the turkey idea and replaced it with chicken, and made a delicious white chocolate cheesecake instead.

I'd say our mini Thanksgiving was a success. But if any Canadians would like to save themselves from eating turkey every meal for the next week or so, I'd be more than willing to accept express post packages filled with your leftovers. Just let me know ;)


  1. you gotta do what you gotta do eh! glad you found solutions. And good luck acquiring some turkey!

  2. Great food pics! I had turkey deli meat sandwiches one year when we stayed home. They were delish! Happy Thanksgiving!



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