Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Things You Do: Nathan (Oct 2011)

Sometimes, I find myself missing things that Nathan used to do. Things that seemed so mundane and trivial at the time, that were so much a part of our everyday routine; those are the things that I miss most.

Even now as I think about them, they're fading into a distant memory.

For example...

I miss how Nathan would yell, "I'm done!" when he finished his shower, even though he was quite capable of doing his post-shower things independently, and had been for a while.

I miss how Nathan would wake up in the morning and get himself all ready, have his breakfast of yogurt outside at his little table and play quietly before we had to leave for school.

And some things he's doing now that I'm definitely going to miss when it's gone:

The way he waves and blows kisses, saying "Bye, mommy! Bye, Cabee" in between while he slowly edges backwards towards the door of his classroom, and asks me to meet him at the fence so he can say bye again.

The way he runs after school, with his slightly over-sized backpack bouncing from side to side, leaning towards the left to offset the weight of his eskie.

The way he makes silly faces and sounds at Caleb to make him laugh.


  1. They grow too fast don't they? Great pics :)

  2. These are great things to remember. The backpack bounce is so distinctive!

  3. oh how cute!!!! whats in his eskie??? his lunch?? wowsa!!! hahaha (and how many of your US readers wondering what an Eskie is?? in NZ we call them chilly bins!!! so silly!!!)

    love the handprint post too!!!



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