Friday, November 18, 2011

So Thankful


1. Despite having to suffer through the night with a nasty cough, and being in pain all day with achy muscles and joints, I was able to suffer in bed without having to watch Caleb all day because Andrew came home from the hospital early just to help me out.

2. And, Andrew's officially done his first elective which means he's officially done his first year of med school!

3. Caleb is finally eating again! He's back to eating about the same amount as he was before he got sick. And on top of that, I was really hoping that he would start feeding himself, and this week, he's really gotten the hang of eating watermelon and cantaloupe by himself! It gets messy, but he's self-feeding and he's not just biting and spitting it out!

4. Nathan has been so incredibly strong and hasn't gotten sick even though he's living in a house full of sick people. So proud of him, also for making healthy choices, like choosing not to eat fries because it's too salty tonight.

5. I've gotten some chances to work on my project. It's taken a while but it's coming along and I'm almost done. Will post pictures when it's complete!

1 comment:

  1. sorry to hear you are sick on day 9 and sucks being summer and stuck inside!!!
    cute pics....and yes arent babies messy while



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