Thursday, December 8, 2011

Caleb's First and Nathan's Last

Today, my baby boy turned one!

I still remember the weight of Caleb as the nurse placed him on my chest after he was born. I remember he was so hard to settle and only Andrew could console him. He refused to latch on properly and after our flight to the opposite corner of the earth, he wanted to be held all day, everyday.

Now, he's become such a daring little boy who loves to do things independently. He can walk now, tell us what that he wants something (ma-ma/a-ma) or likes something (da-da-da/a-da) or wants to go somewhere by pointing and moving towards it. He misses us when one of us is away for long periods of time and he loves playing games with us. Most recently, he's picked up Nathan's cars and made car noises while driving them around.

We decided to wait until Nathan got home from his last day of school to celebrate.

So while I was doing some last-minute prepping, Andrew occupied Caleb.

Then, we went to pick up Nathan from school. He was super excited when he saw Andrew's running shoes because that could only mean one thing: tiggy! Andrew played tiggy (tag) with a mass of children chasing after him until people started bumping into each other.

Once we got home, it was party time.

First, we sang and had birthday cake.

I specifically baked a cake for Caleb to dig in to.

The first cake turned out too hard and the icing was too runny so this morning, we had to start from scratch and make a brand new one. Andrew made the cake and it was delicious.

Then, after a quick clean-up, we took some pictures and played with the balloons.

Caleb got a real kick out of yanking on the strings to make the balloons bounce everywhere.

And finally, gift time!

We designated Nathan as the official gift-giver. He presented Caleb with this little car.

Caleb happily ripped the bow off the top and played with it.

While he was busy playing, Nathan snuck up behind him with his *real* gift.

As soon as Caleb saw the car, he headed straight to it and wanted in.

He had a blast riding around the room. Nathan spent a while pushing him around in circles but after a while, Caleb wanted to do it himself and backed his way around the room.

For dinner, we let Nathan choose what to eat, to celebrate his last day of his first year of school in Australia.

This has been such an incredible year! I'm so proud of my boys.


  1. Oh my goodness, he is ADORABLE! I think it's amazing that you even attempted the first glad the second one turned out right. What a fun got some great pictures to capture the that!

  2. cute pics alright!!!
    LOVE gifts too!!!

    enjoy your summer break!!!

  3. he's so cute with the balloons :)



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