Friday, December 2, 2011

First Day at Nido

I finally got my act together today and went to the school office to schedule a trial session for Caleb to check out Nido.

The original plan was to do the session while Andrew observed Nathan's class next Monday, but not 20 minutes later, we found ourselves in the Nido classroom doing a quick tour and introduction before the trial session.

I've been putting off this trial session for months now, for many reasons. I was worried that Caleb would tear the place apart as he quite likes pulling things off the shelves at home and throwing anything he can grab.

Also, it's not free. Like, not even close.

I kept saying I'd start him in Nido in the new year and now that the end of the school year is upon us, I thought I better get a trial session in so we could actually follow through with what I've been telling everyone.

Boy, am I glad we did the trial session today.

From the second I let go of him and let him crawl on the ground, it was like he was "home". He looked so comfortable exploring the space, finding different pieces of work to engage himself in and he was happy. I guess it really does make a difference that everything was his size.

I think he really loved that everything was his size, within his reach and nothing was off limits. Even the snack table was made to fit him, and I think his favourite part was that he could sit in a chair and his little feet could touch the ground!

Oh wait, no. I think this was his favourite part.

I cannot wait until next year when we can come to Nido regularly.

I'm positive Caleb will be so happy there.

And so will I.


  1. Sounds like a great experience!
    Both of my children went to Montessori preschools and loved/love it! :)

  2. just googled what NIDO is..looks cool!!!..... i am a kindergarten teacher and know how much the aged based playing spaces are just perfect fits!!! everything just the right size for them!!!

  3. That looks like a great place! We are looking for some pre school for my daughter in the new year but did not realize how scarce places are. Looks like it will be the two of us at home for another year! Please keep us posted on how Caleb goes next year.



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