Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Caleb Starts Swimming

Caleb started swimming lessons today.

Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures of him in or around the pool because I had to keep him from climbing in before our lesson, and then for his lesson I was in the water with him.

He had a great time though. He loved being in there and didn't even mind when the teacher dipped him under.

I'm so excited for him to learn how to swim, seeing as how he loves being in the water so much.


  1. he loves it? omg. how awesome is that. i do not know how to swim, so i envy those who can!! heeeheee!!! Way to go Caleb!!

  2. That is so good you are starting him in lessons. We swim often and hope to do lessons this year for our daughter. She does good so far with the floaties though.

  3. He is absolutely adorable! I'm sure it's so much fun to watch him learn this new skill in life :)

  4. cute swimming and first day of school pics!!!
    and i love your new typewriter...very cute!!!

    i got my ribbon on my local trade me ebay!!! this one was for all types of typewriters!!! good luck for your search



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