Tuesday, January 31, 2012


This is not one of my proudest parenting moments but it happened and is a part of our story and because of that, I feel it needs to be documented.

Caleb got hurt over the weekend and we ended up going to the ER.

He loves climbing and he's a daring little boy. Usually he's pretty stable on his feet, but that day, Caleb slipped off a cushion and smashed his face into the back of our couch where all the metal pieces are sticking out, which resulted in a huge gash through his eyebrow.

I'm generally not bothered by the sight of blood, but when I saw the blood gushing out of my baby's face, all I could do was imagine how it must have felt for him and instantly I was filled with guilt. I cringed. It bothered me that there was blood coming out of my baby's face, out of this deep cut in his flesh.

I yelled to Andrew that we had to go to the hospital.

Caleb was a true champion during this whole ordeal. He had cried and screamed when he got cut, but after I fed him, he calmed down and was back in good spirits all the way to the hospital, while we waited for the doctor and afterwards.

The morning after, he was back to his boisterous little self, as if nothing had happened.

I hate that this happened, but I am thankful.

I'm thankful that Caleb only cut his eyebrow and his eye was unaffected.
I'm thankful that we got to the hospital quickly and he was treated quickly.
I'm thankful that he's back to his old self and doesn't seem to be in pain.
I'm thankful that I've been able to forgive myself for not watching him more closely.
I'm thankful for all the messages I got over at SC, reassuring me that I'm not a horrible mother and that accidents do happen.

Now, I just pray we don't ever have to make another trip to the ER again and that Caleb will heal quickly and well.


  1. Poor little guy!!! These things are harder on mommy than on the kiddos!

  2. Oh, sweet baby. I'm so sorry that you guys went through that! How scary it must have been! He looks like he's a trooper, tho'. ;)


  3. ohh poor chappie....but as i said on SC.....quite normal for little dare devil boys!!!! and Mama there will be more to come!! so deep breath!!!!!!!!!! and that scar will heal in no time!!!

    and as for posts below.... i love that card and those very cool cushions!!! you are so so clever

  4. he's such a tough little guy :)



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