Monday, January 9, 2012

Moved In

We finally have temporary internet set up so I can write a quick post!

Thanks to some of the same friends who got us all set up at our last place a year ago along with some of our newer friends, we moved into our new place this past weekend.

We picked up our keys early so we could show it to Andrew's parents before they left. Thankfully, they liked it.

Then, for the next two days we made trips back and forth, moving all the smaller boxes and bags. On Saturday, our friends showed up to help move the remaining small things, dismantle all our furniture for the movers and put them all back together (and in the right rooms) at the new place.

I must say, we have the most efficient and handy friends around.

They're awesome.

One of them was extra awesome because it was his birthday and he came along to help us move anyway!

And of course we had a helpful little guy keeping an eye on things for us.

Telling us where things go.

And making sure no one was slacking off.

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