Saturday, January 21, 2012

Vintage Typewriters

While looking for home decor to make our home feel more like home the other day, we wandered into a little vintage boutique called Can you keep a secret?

We didn't find anything to decorate our bare walls, but we did happen to stumble upon a little vintage typewriter.

A little while ago, I mentioned that I've been wanting a vintage typewriter to scrapbook with. After searching online and locally, all the typewriters I found were either not working, out of my price range or on the other side of the world. So I temporarily gave up the search.

Seeing that little typewriter revived my hope and since it was right in front of me and reasonably priced, I had to find out if it was still in working condition. And it was.

Moments later, Andrew was carrying the typewriter (in it's carrying case!) to our car.

So after the boys went to bed, I spent three hours cleaning that baby up and now it sits on my scrapbooking table, ready to be used.

Now I just have to find some new ribbon for my typewriter. Anyone know where I can find some typewriter ribbon? Or what model my typewriter is? Or can someone confirm whether it's the Olympia SM9?

I'm so excited to start playing with my typewriter!

I think someone else is, too!


  1. oh she's a cutie! Try ebay for typewriter ribbon there are lots that are universal!

  2. Hey! You were streets away from me! Haha... And I do love that little store. Great find!



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