Saturday, March 10, 2012

Limeade and Sleepovers

Today was such a beautiful day to go to the markets.

The boys Skyped with grandparents on the way.

The weather was perfect. The temperature was warm. The humidity was barely there. And there was a cool and gentle breeze.

We started off with our usual market brunch - a variety of food from different stalls including this chocolate banana crepe the boys shared (aka Nathan had the crepe with chocolate, Caleb had the bananas).

Then, we picked up some lemons and limes to make lemonade and limeade, and some flowers to brighten up our table.

Nathan cut up the limes and squeezed them. And he told me how much water and sugar to put in because he had learned the recipe from school.

Didn't quite get around to making lemonade today because Nathan's friend, Rowan, came for a sleepover!

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