Saturday, March 17, 2012

Nathan's Bowling Birthday Party

Nathan's birthday party was go-go-go right from the start.

After navigating our way through construction and blocked exits everywhere, we finally made it to the bowling alley.

As Nathan's guests started arriving, it was high energy as soon as they stepped inside.

A little dance party broke out as everyone was getting their bowling shoes.

We ended up having three lanes.

It was a bit of chaos keeping track of everyone but thankfully, there were some wonderful parents who stuck around to help out with the kids.

I'm glad the parents had comfortable seats to lounge on. No hard plastic bowling alley chairs here!

We were lucky enough to get some mocktails made just for us, along with our soft drinks and pink lemonade.

After a while, we were served some snacks - fresh fruit, pizza and hot chips (aka. fries). They all ended up tasting really good, which made up for the long wait.

As the last group finished their final frames, we gathered the children and we all sang happy birthday to Nathan over his ice cream cake that he designed himself!

Better view of the cake

At the end of the day, we got a big thumbs up from the (soon-to-be) birthday boy and that's all I needed to make all of this worth it.

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