Thursday, March 1, 2012

Wide Awake From PIE

The only reason I am sitting here in bed writing this post at 2:44am is because 6 hours ago, I thought it might be a good idea to take my antibiotics before I accidentally fall asleep and forget to take it.

Two hours later, I had accidentally fallen asleep without taking the meds. Hah.

So I quickly took the pill and sort of dozed off again only to be awoken a little while later with this horrid feeling in my throat like the pill got stuck on the way down.

Desperate to make that awful feeling go away, I downed half a bottle of water but it didn't help. The feeling grew. Pain radiated through the top of my stomach and up my esophagus. I didn't know what to do.

Thinking it might have been heartburn (4 hours after I had scarfed down my dinner with no issue...) I drank some milk and propped myself up. It didn't help. I briefly contemplated trying to cough it up but I could never go through with it seeing as how I have an extreme vomit phobia.

With the help of Google (which automatically makes me an incredibly knowledgable doctor, capable of diagnosing even the rarest of diseases), I eventually diagnosed myself with pill-induced esophagitis. As in the lining got irritated because my pill got stuck and dissolved there instead of in my stomach.

So now I sit and wait in agony for my esophagus to heal. The pain has subsided but not enough for me to fall asleep.

There's no telling how long it will take for this to heal, but I'm hoping it'll be soon, because as I sit here wide awake, I've been thinking... I need to be functional again. Our trip home is coming up soon and I haven't started packing. Yikes!

Anyway, take it from me, people: Don't swallow pills lying down.

This message brought to you by a now-incredibly sleep deprived mama with absolutely no formal medical training.


  1. BAHAHAHA. Sorry, I don't mean to laugh at your discomfort, but this post was hilarious. That has totally happened to me before as well, so I understand your misery and also your middle-of-the-night, Google-induced, semi-psychosis. Where was Dr. Tsoi when all this happened??

    The one thing I have learned from my many 'swallowing pills gone awry' experiences is that when the label on the front says 'Drink with a full glass of water', they really aren't kidding!

  2. if you're referring to the future Dr. Tsoi ...I was sleeping :(

  3. Come on! You're a Dr. with a Google MD! LOL. I hope all is better tomorrow!

  4. oh no!!!!
    hope you feel better soon



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