Monday, April 30, 2012

Family Sick Day

I declared today a family sick day.

We were up all night with Nathan who vomited about a hundred times last night*.


Andrew was up with Nathan who vomited about a hundred times last night.

I was up, sitting and waiting in my bed, terrified that Nathan would wander into my room and vomit all over me. Actually, the thought of him even vomiting again terrified me.

I have emetophobia.

So by the time the sun came up this morning, we were all completely exhausted and in no shape to be going to school.

Andrew suggested we take advantage of this by running errands. We are now the proud owners of a push lawn mower, grass shears and a couple extra shelves - the boys' clothes are getting too big to fit into our plastic drawers.

Then, after all that, Caleb came home and slept while Andrew took Nathan to Mandarin lessons and soccer. Nathan missed a whole day of school, he wasn't going to miss Chinese class.

Just kidding.

He was feeling much better by then.

*I'm pretty sure it was from some bad chocolate milk he had at dinner. I interrogated him after he threw up the first time and he said the milk tasted funny but he drank the whole thing because he was thirsty. Lesson learned: my children will not be allowed to order milk from fast-food restaurants anymore. They will only have milk that I have personally bought from the grocery store and tasted before they drink it. I cannot afford for our family to go through that again.


  1. oh no! I'm so sorryyyyyyy!! i can't stand vomitting either, by anyone. *hugs*
    Email me when you have time.. no hurry. Get some rest first!

  2. oh no!!!!!! poor thing!!!
    YAH for andrew being there to help!!!

    hope you all get better/more sleep soon!!!



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