Wednesday, April 25, 2012

He Speaks!

Written April 22, 2012. I forgot to publish in my half-conscious, sickly state but I think it's worth documenting, so here it is.

For a while, we were pretty sure Caleb had decided he didn't need to learn how to speak because we tended to his every need before he even made a sound.

Then, suddenly, he started making sounds to indicate things:

Maaaa or Maa Maaa - mom or something he wanted (i.e., food, to be picked up, etc.)

Daaaa or Daa Daaa - dad or something he liked (i.e., toys, something he saw, etc.)

More recently, he's been making more specific approximations to words:

Juuus or jujuus - juice

Aaaw duh - all done

Duhn - done or down

Baah - ball

Uuutah - water

Daaa(t) - that (with pointing)

I'm so torn.

Part of me wishes he would just go on making his cute babbling noises, but part of me can't wait to add more words to this list!

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