Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Our Pet Plant

Last year, when we started leaving our patio doors open, we joked about getting a venus fly trap to take care of the flies that found their way into our apartment.

Actually, we tried to look for one at the markets but no one had any.

We also found a different solution: the cricket bat.

Now that we're living in a house with more open space, it's harder to corner a fly with the cricket bat, so when we were at the Eumundi markets and saw venus fly traps for sale, we bought one.

We were a little disappointed to find that it hadn't caught anything for the past week. I guess it wasn't its fault; we haven't had many flies in the house lately.

A little worried for its health, I moved it outside where it would have more opportunities to catch something to eat.

But still, nothing.

So when I saw a giant ant wandering around our front door today, I called for Nathan and asked him to catch it. I was half joking and wasn't really expecting Nathan to do it, but he did!

And without me knowing, he fed it to the fly trap. I only found out when I heard him yell, "whoa, that scared me!" when the trap closed on the ant.

By the time I got to them, this is what I saw.

I was a little disappointed that I missed seeing the trap close! I'll be sure to hang around to watch next time.

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