Saturday, May 26, 2012

Soccer Saturdays

This is our typical Saturday morning during soccer season:

I remember from training with the UW girls' varsity soccer team, they played in all weathers. I had to sit through hot days, rainy days, and absolutely freezing days when it was practically snowing.

Luckily, the kids don't have to play in the rain, but they do have to play when it's cold.

It was absolutely freezing this morning. I was so glad we all had our Canadian sweaters and jackets to keep us warm.

Winter doesn't last for very long here in Brisbane, but when it's here it's pretty brutal. The inside of our house is basically the same as the outside, and during the day, our house stays cool inside which is great in the summer but not so good in the winter.

Every night, I long for our king-sized down duvet. Every morning, I wish I brought my La Senza slippers to keep my feet warm from the ice cold tiles. Every day, I look for the warm sunny areas to sit in.


  1. ohhhhhh sounds cold!!!
    i was on outside duty last week and it was 7.c and with the windchill it was lik 4.c!!! brrrr
    maybe you need to bring a thermos of hot coffee as well!! lol!!

    1. Yikes that's cold! A thermos of coffee might be a good idea!



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