Monday, May 21, 2012


It's been a while since I've had both the boys with me for the entire day.

This morning, we all got ready for school and were on track for being early (a rarity) but then I decided to keep Nathan home. He was unwell yesterday after church and hadn't eaten much all day so his energy levels were pretty low and he still wasn't 100%. He wasn't in any shape to be working at school and apparently there's a bug going around at school so I didn't want him to risk getting sicker.

While Nathan napped, I tried to get some work done. Caleb had other plans.

Caleb decided that if I wasn't going to go play with him, he would bring the playing to me. He turned my desk into his own personal playground.

He'd climb up on one side, sit for a while then proceed to walk across my desk where I would take him off and place him on the ground, then he'd walk back around and start all over again.

How do you get a 17-month-old to stop climbing up onto everything?

After lunch, Nathan watched Iron Man and then it was off to Mandarin lessons and soccer practice.

Normally, I'd get Andrew to take both the boys out for Mandarin and soccer so I can stay at home to get some work done in peace, but today I was feeling extra nice and volunteered to take both the boys out myself so Andrew could get some studying done.

It was so good for Nathan to get out of the house; he was starting to go crazy from being cooped up. And Caleb was all over the place but towards the end of soccer practice, he decided to sit with me on the grass.

Days like this make me miss having the boys all to myself. I can't wait until school holidays!


  1. Hope he feels better soon, and good luck with the climber. :)

  2. such a sweet post. :)
    I am looking forward to school being out for the summer too!

  3. I love the picture of him just sitting on the desk

  4. hee hee love the pics of caleb sitting on the desk!!! love it

    as for chilling with the kids...i love it too (with my nieces)

    all the best with PL...i dont have enough to put into it...or time to put it together so flagging it this year!!!



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