Friday, June 8, 2012

My Little Jumping Bean

Nathan's school participated in Jump Rope for Heart this year.

I remember when I did Jump Rope for Heart back in elementary school. That was... a long time ago.

Anyway, parents were invited to watch the Jump Off so I decided to go and check out Nathan's skipping.

We've never skipped at home so I was really interested to see what his skills were like.

After watching a lot of individual and group performances of varied skill levels, I finally got to see Nathan skip when everyone was invited to participate.

I can only describe his skipping as energetic.

Nathan was just bursting full of energy.

There was energy in him swinging the rope around.

There was energy in his jump.

Look at how high off the ground he gets, each and every time. And I love that tongue hanging out there!

He was just so happy to be there skipping with his classmates and exercising his heart.

Nathan told me if I don't skip, I'm going to have a bad heart. I guess I better get on it then, huh?

1 comment:

  1. ohhhhhhhhhh those pics are so so cute!!!
    so how's the skipping going for you then??



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