Thursday, June 14, 2012

Our Scallion Situation

We have a bit of a scallion situation in our home.

We like using scallion on occasion, but somehow, we never manage to finish the entire bunch. Most of the time, the remaining stalks end up sitting in the fridge while we try to find other ways to use them up. Eventually the green parts dry up, the white parts get slimy and it all, inevitably, gets thrown out. 

This time around, I was hoping to put an end to this cycle and salvage the remaining pieces. 

I've heard of people planting the bottom white part in water to regrow green onions. In fact, I'm pretty sure my parents did this when I was a kid as well. So instead of wasting more money at the grocery store each time I needed a bit of green onion, I wanted to see if I could grow my own instead. I should mention that the bunches of scallions sold here are quite large and cost more than I'm willing to pay back home so I was excited to see if this would work out.

However, my good intentions got pushed onto the back burner as life got busy. 

My scallions sat in the fridge, and went dry and slimy again. Except perhaps this time (this is a little embarrassing to admit), it went beyond that point because when I finally pulled them out from the fridge again for my replanting experiment, I found fresh new green onion stalks growing underneath the old dried up ones.*

Did I mention that scallions cost money? 

The new growths looked perfectly edible to me and I didn't want to waste perfectly good food so I discarded the dried pieces, chopped up the fresh ones and put them into my scallion pancakes to go with our chicken congee the other night. 

I've read that sometimes the regrowth isn't as flavourful but it tasted fantastic. 

I still wanted to try regrowing the green onion so I cut each one just above the white part so they'd be tall enough to stand in the baby food jars. (I knew those would come in handy one day!) And I added some water to each jar.

Now, we'll wait and see if they will regrow again!

In other green news, I accidentally left our little venus fly trap outside over night and some monster ate it. I'm so upset I forgot to bring it back inside. The next morning, I found it strewn across our backyard and I tried to salvage the pieces that were left and replant it. 

I'm hoping this little guy will make a recovery over the next couple days.

*Please rest assured that food does not typically stay in our fridge long enough to rot and grow babies. This was an exceptional incident where I really wanted to follow through with my plans.

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  1. lol its like little science experiments all over your house!!!



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