Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Prepping For Camp

Nathan's going on his first overnight camp and we've been spending every waking moment getting him ready.

I've heard many of stories about previous camps from different parents, including ones where the boys come home in the same clothes they left in (aka, lived in the same clothes for three days without showering in between) and one where a boy decided to "brave" the cold and sleep without his sleeping bag because he didn't know how to put it back in its bag.

Nathan's pretty good in the shower and changing clothes department, but he's never had to roll up his sleeping bag so we pulled it out for a bit of practice one night.

Nathan felt it was necessary to get into the sleeping bag before rolling it up.

He wanted the complete experience, I suppose.

When he was done pretending to sleep, it was time to roll it up. Nathan worked hard to keep the roll as tight as he could.

Then, the tricky bit - keeping the roll tight while you get the bag around it. He slide the bag under the roll, and carefully brought it up.

It got a little frustrating at points...

 ...but with a bit of muscle and outside encouragement, Nathan worked through it.

I can't believe my little 6-year-old is going on an overnight camp!

I better get the rest of his stuff packed up so we don't miss his bus in the morning, or he's going to be one unhappy camper.


  1. wow how cool!!!
    i remember going to a camp and being scared about not being able to roll the sleeping bag.....since then i now just STUFF it into the bag....much easier!!!

  2. Love these photos! And they do grow up fast, don't they? *hugs*



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