Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Melbourne Day 6: Acland Street, Chu The Pho, GPO

Alternate title: The Day We Wandered Around Slowly And Aimlessly

Before our trip, we had been told that Melbourne was known for their food (especially cafes), artsy culture and good shopping.

We started our day with a slow stroll up Acland Street, peering through each shop window as we passed.

If you have a sweet tooth, consider yourself warned: Acland Street is lined with bakery after bakery with display windows filled with their enticing offerings.

Each bakery boasts a variety of pastries and desserts different from the next.

And the inside of some shops looked so quaint and inviting, especially on a cold winter's day.

I couldn't trust myself to avoid giving in to the little voice inside my head that kept telling me to buy one of everything so I just snapped photos and quickly walked away.

Plus the very thought of the inconvenience of balancing 5 delicate cakes in one hand while pushing a stroller with the other was enough to turn me away. I envisioned icing sugar being blown off one cake into my face as another cake toppled off the side of the plate, down the front of my jacket onto the ground. So I walked away. My wallet thanked me and my jeans breathed a sigh of relief.

We eventually arrived in Richmond for a nice hot pho lunch after a long and slow walk through the botanic gardens and through some residential areas.

And after lunch, we continued to slowly walk, half-heartedly looking out for good deals on clothes.

Eventually, we got back to Federation Square where the boys chased the birds while my parents bought tickets for their next tour.

And Caleb got surrounded. I bet it was because of that cracker he was so happily munching on!

After a long day of walking, we took a quick detour into the GPO, then hopped on a tram to go home.

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