Friday, August 3, 2012

In Those Hard-to-Reach Spots

Caleb developed this habit of hiding things in our printer when we moved into this house.

The front of the printer has a little panel that flips down when paper comes out, but most of the time, we keep it closed.

Caleb uses this as his little cubby and likes to stick things in there on occasion.

We've found collections of little cars, bouncy balls and sometimes half-eaten snacks.

It's not hard to get these items out so we just let him do it. But recently, all our pages have been printing crooked. Clearly there was something stuck in there, causing the paper to come out at an angle.

I pulled out an eraser from the back, but it turns out that wasn't the culprit. I stuck my hand into the printer as far as it would go from all different angles, tried to feed papers through to push whatever was obstructing the path out, but nothing worked.

Then, the day before she left, my mom found this in a pile of pages she had printed.


  1. what a weird item to find in the!!

    and catching up on other blog posts!!!

    loving the pics from your melbourne trip!!!
    and your parents cool to show them around OZ

    as for winter...and not blogging....i am with you and i dont have kids to look after!!!
    spring is coming...i always feel brighter then!!!
    hang in there



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