Saturday, August 25, 2012

More Potty Training

When I sat down to write this post, I was going to share about our Saturday and how it gave me a glimpse of what our spring/summer is going to look like, but somehow I ended up writing about Caleb's potty training progress instead.

I know reading about babies doing their business isn't everyone's thing, so if it's not yours, please stop reading now. But if you'd like to celebrate my baby's milestones with me, please read on!

Caleb's been making some big advances in his potty training. I know we 'started' a while ago (aka. the  end of May) but the whole thing got put on hold over winter - it was just too cold for him to run around au naturel. In the beginning of June, we finally got Caleb comfortable with sitting on the potty, and he used it - once. Then some time last week, we managed to get Caleb on the potty and he did his business! We were so excited to get back into potty training. Then we all got sick, so potty training got put on hold again.

I think you can tell by now we're not the stick-to-a-schedule-at-all-costs type of parents. We like to let certain things happen naturally when the kids are ready.

Anyway, Caleb did his business on his potty again tonight after dinner. He sat nicely on his potty, chatting away, pointing at the big toilet beside him saying 'goh goh' (what he calls Nathan) indicating that's Nathan's potty. I can't tell if we were having such an animated conversation as part of my efforts to keep him on the potty, or as part of his efforts to keep me from looking into the potty! He really doesn't like us checking to see if he's done anything.

Then suddenly, he was done and we cheered, and clapped and praised him for his efforts and then we went upstairs to shower but he didn't want me to turn on the water which is so weird because he loves his shower and standing under the water.

Somehow I figured out that he wanted to sit on the potty again. Of course, there was no way I was going to run all the way downstairs with him naked so I just sat him backwards on our toilet. We waited, but nothing happened. He wanted to get off so I took him back to the shower. Again, he didn't want the water but pointed back to the toilet. Of course, when it comes to potty training, you try not to miss these opportunities! If the kid says he has to go, you take him! So we went back and forth about 10 times and finally he peed! And Caleb was sooo happy and proud of himself, he started clapping right away.

To celebrate, I had Andrew disinfect every single one of our toilets because really, if I'm going to be hovering over those toilets for hours everyday, they better be squeaky clean!


  1. wahooooooooooo is so cool when they get it finally!!!! well done everyone!!!

    1. Now we just have to work on getting him to tell us when he needs to go/going to the potty himself! Oh, and the whole taking off/putting on pants thing...



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