Thursday, August 9, 2012

School Olympics

Yesterday, the junior school had their Olympics. We all gathered in the hall and paraded out to the field. I'm a little sad I don't have pictures of this because I was holding Caleb in the parade but it must have been a pretty cute procession.

The infants and toddler community was invited to join and participate in any of the events. 

Caleb, of course, had no interest whatsoever in taking part in the events.

After some coaxing, he attempted the bean bag toss. Caleb must have thought it was some sort of clean up activity as he picked up each bean bag, walked it across to the basket, dumped it in and returned back to the pile to repeat the cycle. After a short while, he grew bored and walked away.

To Caleb, being at school means Nido time so he wandered up the steps of the verandah and headed towards the sand tray where he played for a little. But more than anything, he wanted to go inside and do work. Unfortunately, the doors were locked.

He eventually wandered around the verandah playing with some of the outdoor activities that were available until I decided it was time to go home. On our way out, we passed by the egg and spoon race which had now been completely abandoned. 

Caleb gave it a go and tried his best to balance this giant egg on the giant spoon.

Then today was Nathan's turn. 

His Olympics were scheduled to run the entire day so I arrived with Caleb strapped into the stroller and armed with snacks and water. I wanted to stay and cheer Nathan on for as long as possible but it was a blazing hot day and I wasn't sure Caleb felt the same about hanging around.

The parade of athletes.

Nathan so enthusiastically representing Japan.

Opening ceremonies.

Nathan, my little jumping bean, dominating in his first race of the day:

The potato sack race!

Nathan also participated in a three-legged race, ring-toss, volleyball, discus and vortex-throwing.

By that time, Caleb was getting super cranky and it was time for a nap so I drove him home, promising Nathan I'd be back in time for his races in the afternoon. 

Lucky for me, Caleb fell asleep in the car so while he slept I raced around the house doing my own domestic triathlon: laundry-dishes-vacumming.

I made it back to the school in time for Nathan's first sprint. Caleb was content to just sit in his stroller, watching his brother run by.

Running is Nathan's thing. He's a fast little boy. He won a few of his races and even gave the hurdles a try.

Then, after the long jump, tug-of-war and high jump, it was finally time for the closing of the school Olympics.

But that wasn't the end of Nathan's athletics-filled day. No, my boy had swimming lessons to finish off his day.

He's sure going to sleep well tonight!


  1. Brilliant photos, they definitely had fun. Congrats to the olympic champs!

  2. I love your bathing cap, Nate! (Is that a mandatory thing in Australia?)



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