Thursday, August 16, 2012

Strawberry Patch

Okay, I guess you can't really call it a strawberry patch since it's only two plants but it's a start for us.

Remember that Winter List I posted at the beginning of winter? One of the items was to plan a herb garden and another was to pick strawberries. Our plans of going to a strawberry field over the school holidays got rained out, and while I was grocery shopping one afternoon, I saw little strawberry plants for sale.

So while we didn't get to pick strawberries from a strawberry field, I "picked strawberries" in that I picked some strawberry plants to bring home. We've been watering them every day and one strawberry is getting noticeably bigger!

I transplanted them from their plastic pots today and we're planning on leaving them outside from now on. Hopefully, we'll be picking our own strawberries soon enough - if the animals don't attack it at night and destroy our plants or eat our berries.

I still plan on growing some herbs, but that'll have to wait a little longer. I'm still trying to decide which herbs I'll actually use, and won't require too much maintenance.

Any suggestions?

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Winter List 2012 | 12 goals to keep us from hibernating this winter.

Checked off: 2, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10, 12


  1. How cute your little man is with his apron on!! I love growing basil and rosemary! Both are so very easy to grow and I love cooking with them!

  2. No suggestions here as I am no garden expert, lol. Your little boy is adorable though.



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