Thursday, September 27, 2012

Around Here

As I was planning out Project Life last week, I realized how bad I had been at taking pictures throughout the week.

I had been so consumed by the project I'll be sharing tomorrow on the 28 Blog Hop (my first one!) it's like the world went on without me. The boys played so well together, and with Nathan occupying Caleb's attention, they really didn't need me very much.

I made a conscious effort to capture the boys this week and here are some of my favourite moments from today.

Caleb is learning to put on his own clothes.

Nathan finally getting to pick a strawberry from our plants and eat it. He was super excited about it, even though he said the strawberry was sour.

Nathan being upset when I told him his friend could no longer sleepover tonight because he got hurt during the day. He didn't tantrum or whine, he just said, "But you promised." And after I explained to him that yes I did, and I invited his friend over but I cannot control if his friend gets hurt and can't sleepover, he accepted it and moved on.

Nathan being shocked and speechless after I got off the phone with his friend's mom and said he could sleepover at his friend's place. All he could say was, "Really? Can I really sleepover? At his house? Really?" Then he packed his suitcase and got into the car.

Caleb has been asking for nat (nap) during the day and falling asleep by himself at night since Sunday!

I'm a little upset I forgot to grab my camera to capture a few key moments today, but I can't do anything to bring those moments back now.

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