Saturday, September 22, 2012

This Week

Perfect Canadian-summer weather has reached our doorsteps and we've switched gears to full-on holiday mode.

This was helped by the fact that our car was being repaired for most of the week, so just stayed home.

We had no agenda, no errands, no play dates, very little housework (because we tidied it all up for a house inspection), and lots of relaxing to do.

The boys spent just about every waking hour together.

I slept in (relatively speaking) almost every single day and worked on some creative projects. I've gotten more done in this past week than I have in the past few months.

We made pizzas, using this crust recipe from Pioneer Woman. Here's a little trick I learned from a friend: brush the crust with some olive oil to prevent it from burning.

Andrew showed this monster of a spider who's boss around here.

I'm savouring the warmth of spring and the cool, refreshing breezes that come through our house; it's absolute bliss. I'm so glad this week felt like an actual vacation because next week, we're back to a full schedule of play dates and sleepovers before school starts up again. 

How can I do another term of driving the boys to school and classes when my Canadian blood is telling me that its summer time?


  1. oh my goodness, that spider is absolutely horrifying! can't wait to see all of the projects for the 28 blog hop this week :)

  2. so when are you showing us what you made? :D i see misting!

    1. It's coming soon! Will be sharing it on the 28th!



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