Friday, October 26, 2012

Direction and Courage

Source: via Bernice on Pinterest

After sharing prayer points with another mom at Bible study today, I realized that Andrew and I are at a point where we have quite a few big decisions to make.

We've been exploring options for what to do next year as Andrew starts his clinical rotations, living in Australia and moving back to Canada, and potentially growing our family. We've talked about traveling and our upcoming holidays, the boys' schooling and most recently, an opportunity for me to sell things I make that has come up.

As usual in our family these important topics come to my mind when Andrew's busiest. It's exam time, so now I have to sit on these ideas and think about these decisions for a little while longer. I'm excited and nervous at the same time.

It won't all be easy, and there will definitely be a lot of hard work involved, but our future looks like it is so full of possibilities and awesome opportunities. We're just need a bit of direction and courage.


  1. Yes, direction and courage! I totally need those as well.

  2. Good luck! I love that stage where there are all these *possibilities* laid out in front of me - it's so exciting, even though it's also stressful.

    Wishing you courage and direction!

  3. wow many decisions for you alright!!!!
    all the best for when it comes time to talk!!!

    and from posts below...
    love that shirt you cool!!
    and cute seeing kids it

  4. I'm so excited for you guys! Your stuff is really great and I think you should sell! I'd definitely buy!
    And also, please consider coming home to visit soon-- I miss you guys! xx



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