Friday, October 12, 2012

Rapid Fire Photos

When Nathan first started playing with my iPhone, he used to hold it in front of his face and snap a million pictures a second without me knowing so that later when I got my phone back, I would see my photo album filled with pictures of his face. Flipping through them was almost like playing with one of those flip books from when I was a kid. You could see him slowly moving and making faces as you scrolled.

I'm in the process of decluttering my computer and look at what I stumbled upon today.

It seems Caleb has somehow developed the same affinity for rapid fire photos.

Just the other day, I caught him standing over my iPad, pressing the little camera button as quickly as his little finger would let him.

Is it weird that I want to keep every single one of these pictures?

Obviously, I can't or I'd run out of space so quickly but I figure a screen shot of them all is a close enough substitute.


  1. ha!! they use to do that on my phone when they don't have their own. now that i've upgraded and gave them my old phone, they do that on their own phones. LOL.


  2. My oldest has been doing this for years. Save a few. Now that he's older it is so cute to remember how little his feet were and how curly his hair used to be.

  3. Aww! That's adorable! Why don't you take the pictures and have them printed into one of those build your own book thingys? Then you'd have one that you could flip through rapidly like those flip books!



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