Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Warm Spring Weekends

The past couple weekends, we've gotten into the pattern of staying home and lounging around the entire Saturday, and on Sunday after church, we head out to a water park. It's quite a relaxing routine and I like it.

This weekend we drove out a little further to check out a new water park.

As soon as we got there, Nathan headed straight for the tipping bucket and spent a good few minutes darting back and forth trying to find just the right spot under the cascade of water.

Caleb was a little less enthusiastic. He stood back for a bit until I picked him up and plonked him down in the middle of a puddle. Eventually, he climbed up a little hill but I think he was a little annoyed that it sprayed water at his bottom.

The water play area looked pretty spectacular from afar but it wasn't as fantastic as we had hoped. It was large and spread out, there was the tipping bucket and various fountains but somehow, there just wasn't enough water for us so we left the murky ankle-deep waters and headed for the playground.

I'm so glad the boys were perfectly happy climbing around and going down the slide.

Caleb loved going up and down.

At one point, there was a girl sitting on the slide, yelling for her dad who was 15 metres away to catch her at the bottom. This girl, who was probably 4-years-old, just sat there and a line formed behind her as she yelled for her dad who clearly could not hear her. So Caleb looked at me and asked, "Push?" and all I could do was laugh because in his mind, it was a perfectly good solution to his problem.

Obviously, I told him it wasn't okay to push. I asked the girl if she would mind letting all the other kids go first while she waited and she agreed.

Here's Caleb getting daring.

After about an hour on the slides, I decided it was hot enough outside for all of us to get a nice, cold treat to cool down.

The boys were okay with that.

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