Monday, November 26, 2012


I found this poster on Pinterest today and this is just the thing I need to have sitting above my desk right now for an extra dose of motivation.

I've buried myself underneath about five really big, time-consuming projects, all of which are "due" in the next two weeks and I'm really feeling the pressure mounting.

Every time I sit at my desk, a dozen different tasks fly into my head and I try to tackle them all at once only to find that an hour later, I've gotten nothing done. So I guiltily push everything else aside and focus on one thing but even then I'm not getting things done fast enough.

Anyone else feeling like there aren't enough hours in the day?


  1. Love that poster! That looks like something I'd like to hang up in my house.

  2. Popping by from SC :) I was just saying to dh the other day that the one thing I'd really like for my b'day in a couple of weeks is more time, ha ha. I think we all feel that way. Focus is good, prioritizing is good. You're on the right track. You will succeed!!!

  3. That's an awesome poster!! Very motivating.

  4. yip!!!
    i have a to do list and tick things off...
    love seeing them crossed up!!!
    but get caught up sometimes!!

    another thing i heard was to time yourself with a timer
    set 20 mins and work on one thing....
    then when the time was up move on to next thing..
    sounds like a good idea

    and post below
    ekkkkkk boys are like that!!!
    and fear!!!
    love living life on the edge!!



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