Saturday, December 8, 2012

Bali Day 1: Barefoot and a Balinese Birthday

We flew out to Bali on Caleb's birthday and since he was two, he got his own seat for the very first time!

He was a little scared during take-off but he got comfortable pretty quickly afterwards. Caleb spent a lot of time doing whatever Nathan was doing. They played on iPads side-by-side, drew on their own tray tables and spent a bit of time looking out the window.

I love the window seat, especially with the boys. Even looking out the window can help them pass a bit of time, and I can block them in so they don't escape into the aisles. But I miss having the window seat to myself. I loved looking out the window and taking pictures.

Anyway, we landed safely and after a bit of confusion, we met up with our transfer to the hotel.

We dropped our bags off in our room and headed out towards my massage - I had scheduled it before we left Brisbane.

However, we didn't anticipate how difficult it would be to navigate these streets. Andrew had a general idea of where the spa was located, but without the use of our Maps, we had to guess at where we were. We ended up walking right past the spa for quite a long distance, following one security guard's incorrect directions.

Eventually, we reached the very end of a road and had to ask someone else for directions. The sound of astonishment in their voice told us just how far we were. With the heat and humidity, we were all getting a little impatient. Nathan was such a trooper and kept on going.

Along the way, Andrew stepped on the uneven sidewalks and broke one of his flip flops so he ended up having to walk barefoot. Another girl confirmed that we didn't have too much further to go, so we got to the spa about 30 minutes late for my appointment. Luckily, I had booked a 90-minute massage.

Tip: If you ever find yourself looking for the Santai Spa in Legian, you're better off looking for the huge green Bella Vista Supermarket (BVS) sign. Santai Spa is just beside it, but you won't see their little red sign just walking by it.

Andrew ended up going out with the boys to the markets to find new footwear.

By the time I reemerged the sun had set and it was time to find a place to have dinner. We decided to skip out on having dinner at the hotel and try a nearby restaurant. It ended up being all Italian food but for our first night, I was glad we didn't have to worry about them using nuts in our food.

The boys didn't have much of an appetite and ended up feeding bread to the fish swimming around the restaurant with one of the servers. As Andrew and I finished our dinners, Nathan finished a colouring sheet that they had provided, and Caleb was carried to the kitchen door for a little peek. When it came time to pay, one girl whispered something to the other server, and they picked Caleb up and brought him to the kitchen again.

This time, he came back with a dessert and a little entourage of servers singing happy birthday to him!

Caleb blew out his candle before they reached the table, but no matter, they just relit it and sang the song again.

One of the male servers folded a napkin into a Balinese Udeng for Caleb.

Over the course of the next 20-minutes or so, they lit and relit the candle about 5 times for Caleb to blow out.

It was so nice of them to surprise Caleb (and us) with this little birthday celebration, and it was a beautiful way to start off our vacation in Bali.

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