Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Merry Christmas!

Reason 5982 you'll probably never receive a Christmas card from me: I can't even get an electronic version posted up on time... sorry, guys.

Reason 5983: even if you do receive one, it probably won't include a photograph of my family in front of a Christmas tree. We didn't take that picture until today (aka. the day after Christmas).

I'll try harder next year. One day, I will send out Christmas cards. With a family portrait.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas.

We had a really lovely day. 

After the boys decorated Christmas cookies and went to bed, Santa's elves Andrew and I (we deserve the credit) finished wrapping up the boys' gifts. It was a huge effort preparing for Christmas day and by the time we were ready for bed, it was 2am. 

Knowing that the boys would get up before us and that Nathan would unlock the gate for the both of them, we left them a little note so we wouldn't miss out on all the Christmas fun.

In the morning, Nathan was the first one up and luckily, he read the sign before bolting down.

 The boys ran to the tree together. I tried to capture the moment but it was all a blur. They were super excited.

Bet they had no idea what those tall, oddly shaped gifts were going to be ;)

After a quick pancake breakfast (as per tradition), we went to church for Christmas service, followed by a swim and lunch at our friends' place.

Boy, it was a hot Christmas. We sat around chatting for a while after lunch and soon it was time for us to head off to a Christmas dinner.

We've been so incredibly blessed this year to be spending our Christmas with so many different friends.


  1. Christmas pancakes!! :D And the little djembe's and firecrackers on plates are awesome!

  2. what a fun day!!
    love the stocking on the head pic!!

  3. Hahahah very cute photos of your boys x



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