Friday, January 25, 2013

Around Here

This was week 2 of Andrew's first rotation. Last week I was in full-on super-mom/wife mode but this week, I must have run out of steam. I'm glad that we no longer have to think about him being in Canada for 7 weeks anymore. I'm not sure it would have been a very enjoyable time for any of us.

We stayed home this entire week. No special outings, just one play date. It gave us a chance to settle back into a more normal routine. It gave me a chance to get back into Project Life.

And I got to finish off some t-shirt orders that came through over the Christmas/New Year break. It felt nice to work with my hands again.

Nathan's swimming lessons started this week. I'm dreading going back to school and rigid weekly schedules. Fortunately, I'm the only one dreading it because Nathan told me today that he's excited to go back to school.

Caleb finally (miraculously) learned to fall asleep by himself in the afternoon. The only problem is when Nathan goes back to school next week, I'll have to wake him up early so we're not late for pick-up.

And after weeks and weeks of scorching heat and bright sunshine, we're finally getting rain. A huge dump of rain. The weather forecast calls for rain, rain and more rain until at least next Wednesday. Bad news for my pile of laundry but great news for our poor backyard.


  1. Oh I adore your little blog Bernice so super sweet, and what about those little potty people that you added into your PL, Love it! Scorching heat indeed, I hope we get some rain soon, the garden needs it so badly...big hugs

  2. oh yes i must get the sizes of those t-shirts for my nieces and nephew!!!

    glad you are having some much needed rain!!

    **and posts below
    *ohhhhhh i love sydney aquarium!!! and urggghhh waiting for new years in sydney is horrid and the pics!!! and argghhh at grumpy people...but YAH for a great man!!
    love the pics
    *so Nathan is getting a skateboard then??? lol
    *love the PL inserts
    * mmmm love the look of those almonds!!!

  3. Love your photos. So glad to see the rain after the super hot days we have had.



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