Monday, February 11, 2013

26 Things...

Twenty-six was an awesome year for me - probably my absolute favourite by far. Some things that happened this past year:

1. Started documenting with Project Life
2. Became a soccer mom
3. Celebrated Nathan turning 6
4. Bought a piano
5. Flew overseas with the boys and was reunited with our favourite people and places in Toronto
6. Dug through garbage
7. Travelled to Melbourne
8. Watched LOTR with live orchestra
9. Participated in a blog hop
10. Got into hot yoga
11. Sewed a panda costume
12. Made homemade ice cream
13. Survived a hail storm
14. Sold some items I made and set up a bigcartel shop
15. Celebrated Caleb turning 2
16. Travelled to Indonesia
17. Rode an elephant
18. Held a lion cub
19. Got daily massages during our week in Bali
20. Spent NYE in Sydney 
21. Watched a sea turtle lay eggs
22. Hand-fed a wild dolphin
23. Spent many lazy afternoons on the beach.
24. Formed a book club with my university friends
25. Discovered green tea frappucchinos
26. Wore more maxi dresses and hats than ever before

Twenty-seven has some big shoes to fill. I can't wait to see what happens next.


  1. A great list, Bernice!! Hope 27 will be as awesome, if not better!

  2. Your year sounds the perfect blend of homeyness and adventure! And yesss! book club! haha I just want to get through Feb so we can read your book in March! It's the most exciting one!



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