Friday, March 15, 2013

Little Greek Taverna

It's been a while since I've had some really good Greek food. Towards the end of my pregnancy with Caleb, I had it weekly if not more. We lived not too far from a great restaurant and I was a little sad to leave it behind.

Since moving to Brisbane, I have yet to find something that lives up to my memory of the food I ate more than two years ago but recently, all I can think about is souvlaki, tzatziki and potatoes so it was time to start looking for a new restaurant.

A quick search on Urbanspoon brought up a place called Little Greek Taverna in West End. The menu looked decent and it had a rating of 87% so I decided that today, West End wouldn't be too far a drive to pick up dinner. With that, I sent Andrew on his way with my order. What a lucky girl I am.

He also knows be well enough to take pictures of the restaurant while he waits for the food. I'm beyond lucky.

A little while later, Andrew arrived with the food and I made everyone wait even longer to eat as I plated each order for the obligatory pre-eating food photos. Man, the things I put my family through. I'm not lucky; I'm blessed.

Nathan's chicken souvlaki with fries (from the kids' menu). 

He really liked his meal and ate every last piece of it, which surprised me a little because he's not usually a fan of this kind of food. He loved the fries even though the bottom ones were soggy and sour from sitting in some lemony liquid. He did also say the meat was really tough even though I think that might have been influenced by my conversation with Andrew.

Caleb's pork souvlaki with fries (from the kids' menu). 

He ate one fry, tried a piece of souvlaki, spat it out and pushed the plate away with a firm "no danku". I really didn't expect him to like this meal but I ordered this anyway just in case there was a chance he'd like it. Oh, and also because I thought Andrew was going to order lamb and I wanted to try the different meats. Caleb ended up eating fried rice that Andrew made at lunch.

Andrew's pork souvlaki with potatoes.

His first thought was "it's okay but not great". The potatoes were pretty good but the pork was a little dry and tough. Definitely not the juicy, tender morsels he was hoping to bite into. He also felt that the portion size was a little lacking.

My lamb souvlaki with potatoes. 

Similar to Andrew's review - it was edible but not exactly what I had in mind. The lamb wasn't as flavourful or tender as I had hoped. Andrew has definitely set a high bar with the lamb he makes for us almost weekly. The potatoes - I have no idea what was going on here. Why were they so lemony that I couldn't even taste any of the other flavours? I see the herbs on the spuds but all I taste is lemon!

I'm not sure why all our meals were floating in lemony liquid. I'll give them a benefit of a doubt - maybe if we sat down at the restaurant we wouldn't have this problem but it's still a little disappointing. I will say, though, that the fries we ate from Caleb's meal impressed both Andrew and I, and we decided that if we were to return, it would be for the fries.

Our galaktombouriko.

We rarely, rarely order dessert but I thought today we could make an exception. I glanced through the dessert menu and found this gem*. I had no idea what it was but the description sounded delicious and I was right. Custard and phyllo pastry soaked in a sweet, citrusy liquid? Yum. If we go back to Little Greek Taverna, it'll be for their fries and this delicious pastry.

*Most of the other options were disqualified because they contained nuts.

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  1. Looks delicious! Thanks for sharing...happy Friday! :)



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