Tuesday, March 19, 2013

March: Currently

Looking forward to my daily (or more) cup of chai latte, sweetened with manuka honey. During the past weeks of cool, rainy weather, it has kept me warm. It's officially my drink for fall this year.

Eating lamb with couscous at least once a week. It's my new favourite dinner and also fits in with the cooling temperatures.

Attempting to read three books at once. It's not going well.

Gearing up for another season of soccer. The first practice was today and Nathan's new kit looks so sharp.

Spending less time documenting life and more time being present in it. And surprisingly, despite my need to document every little detail of life, I'm okay with it.

Loving my life so much right now I'm a little sad for future me who will look back and wish for this peacefulness again.

Feeling happy for Caleb. He's getting to the age where he wants to have play dates with his little friends, just like Nathan. Yesterday and today, he had back-to-back play dates with a little girl and they played so well together. It was so beautiful to watch. They were just so happy the whole time.

Listening to Nathan as he recounts the events of his day with interesting little details and helping him navigate tricky social situations.

Wanting to bake something but having a really hard time deciding what to make.

Dreaming about the home we'll maybe own one day when we're oh... 50 years old.

Planning Nathan's birthday party. I was a little too slack about it this year and his party will happen way after his actual birthday but at least he's having one! I'm feeling a little guilty about this but he's being so casual about it so I think we're okay.

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