Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Nathan Turns Seven!

I can hardly believe that Nathan turns SEVEN today!

Yesterday on the way to school, I casually mentioned that today (yesterday) would be Nathan's last day of being six and his eyes lit up instantly. He's so excited to be seven.

Around here, once you turn seven, you've officially reached big-boy status and that's a big deal.

Seven years ago, this boy was born and I became a mom.

We named him Nathanael, which means gift of God; God has given and he really has been a gift to everyone around him.

Nathan, age 7...

He loves to read. On the rare days when he has a spare moment, you can always find him with his face stuck in a book. Right now, he's into The Magic School Bus and Imagination Station books.

He loves to play sports. Nathan's doing soccer, basketball and swimming at the moment. Next term, we'll have to pull him out of swimming so he can try some other activities. On his current "waiting" list: tennis, AFL and ice skating.

He loves to write. Everyday, he reports that he was writing stories at school. He writes his own birthday cards to his friends and he leaves little notes for me around the house.

He loves to make people laugh. He's usually the first one to do something silly to make his friends laugh at Chinese class. His laugh is infectious and you can always tell when he finds something hilarious by his unstoppable giggle.

He loves to play with Caleb. Most of their play recently involves make-believe camping trips, picnics, trips to the grocery store where Nathan teaches Caleb how to buy things, and building "houses" (i.e., each boy has their own house constructed out of pillows, blankets and whatever else they can pile up).

He loves to use electronics. This boy is drawn to electronics (Xbox, iPads, TVs, computers, etc.) like a fly to light. He's very good at navigating his way around new games, clicking through selections on DVDs and he'll sit and watch just about anything, absorbing every bit of information he can get into his head.

He has been obsessing over getting a longboard for the past few months. Ever since he stepped onto that little board at Toys R Us and realized he wasn't so bad on it, he's been asking for one. That was his one birthday wish.

Wish granted. 

Happy birthday my handsome, not-so-little boy. You're the most awesome 7-year-old I know.


  1. wahooooooooooo love the gift!!
    happy birthday Nathan...
    love that cake too

    love the ice skating pics too!!!
    we have a rink in my hometown at the mo
    but i cant skate....but i can me they are quite different!!!!

  2. remember this one time nathan told me in his dream he got (dont rmb what the toy was ) for his birthday ? i thought that was smart of him lol hinted to u what he wanted for his bday

  3. He's the most awesome 7 year old I know too! Happy belated birthday, Nate the Great! :)



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