Monday, April 8, 2013

Project Life 2013: Week 5

Week of: January 27 - February 2

Two years ago when we first moved to Brisbane, we were met here by a flood. I had never heard the word "inundate" so many times in my life. This week, history threatened to repeat itself. It rained a lot and we spent most of our time inside so I'm surprised there are so many outdoor photos.

The car Caleb made in Sunday School made it into this week's spread. I love including bits and pieces from the boys, whether it's a drawing or small craft they made, or words they said. The quotation marks journaling card includes a funny moment I shared with Nathan.

On the right hand side, I have quite a few photos without any description or journaling attached. I thought those pictures were good enough on their own. Not everything needs to be explained to death. Plus, I included a pretty detailed review of this week in the bottom corner.

Last year I saw many Project Lifers include screenshots of their weather apps to capture the forecast for that day or week. I took quite a few of those screenshots last year but they never actually made it onto my spread. However, I tried it out again this week and I like how this app includes the weather warnings for our area; it does the journaling for me.

This week makes me realize how kid-centred my weeks are. Going forward, I think adding a piece or two about Andrew would be a worthwhile goal.


  1. Love how your choice of papers reflects the weather of the week. I struggle to include much that isn't all about Miss Three in my PL too. Hubby has become quite good at taking photos when he is away for work but less so when he is in town.

  2. Great layout capturing the extreme weather in AU, it gets so crazy down here sometimes. The year we moved into our house there was fires and the trees across the road were all scorched up, it got so close.. exciting times I guess, but I could use less exciting on that grand a level! LOL
    Great work including the kids artwork too, I love doing that, it is such a wonderful way to give their art context and relevance to their age when they made it. :-)

  3. love that picture of caleb with the magnifying glass

  4. I try to get at least one photo of my hubby each week, but I almost never include stuff about what he's doing unless we're all doing it. I need to get better at that, too.

    I have been making a conscious effort to include more of my own non-kid stuff in ours, though, and I think it makes the book more interesting. Now I just need to get in more of the photos myself :)



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